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Mark & Barbara G…..After living in the same house for 32 years, we decided to sell our home in order to move closer to family.  We were quickly struck by how much things have changed in the local market since the last time we sold a property.

John & Lynn are extremely knowledgeable about the nuances and unique challenges associated with selling a home.  They were instrumental in helping us prioritize what needed to be done to sell the house and made recommendations of various contractors that would provide quality work, get the job accomplished on time and within our budget.

John & Lynn leveraged their network of top performing real estate agents in the area to create market demand, determined the best time to put the house on the market and made the process easy by addressing the many details in a highly professional and responsive manner.  Based on their effective marketing efforts, beautiful staging of the property and relentless negotiation skills, not only did we receive multiple offers, the house sold in less than a we and considerably above the original asking price.

We are delighted by the market expertise, customer service, responsiveness and professionalism delivered by John, Lynn and their team during the home sales process! 

Tim O...John helped us with a sale in Emerald Hills that turned out to be more challenging than expected, due to the nature of the property (land). He stuck with it in spite of some initially discouraging results and an eventual delayed close, and took some of the monetary 'hit' as well. 

Scott M...A job change required me to relocate a my family from Orange County. On a recommendation from a friend, I enlisted John's help in finding a residence. He listened to all my family's needs and found us that exact house and negotiated a great deal in a hot market 

Raya Z...John has always been there to help me and my family with fair and insightful advice on our real estate transactions. I highly recommend you check in with John before you buy or sell any home.  We've bought and sold a total of five properties with him!